The Management School London | Our Faculty

Our Faculty

Welcome to our faculty, to view a faculty members synopsis simply click on their name below.

TMS Faculty | Stephen Askew

Stephen Askew

TMS Faculty | Dr. John Black

Dr. John Black

TMS Faculty | Michael Bland

Michael Bland

TMS Faculty | Steve Carey

Steve Carey

TMS Faculty | Steve Childs

Steve Childs

TMS Faculty | Manjit Chodha

Manjit Chodha

TMS Faculty | Andy Green

Andy Green

TMS Faculty | Dr Richard Hale

Dr Richard Hale

TMS Faculty | Tracey Hicks

Tracey Hicks

TMS Faculty | Vyvyan Kinross

Vyvyan Kinross

TMS Faculty | Maralyn Lewis

Maralyn Lewis

TMS Faculty | Bob McCulloh

Bob McCulloh

TMS Faculty | Sue McCulloch

Sue McCulloch

TMS Faculty | Pamela Mounter

Pamela Mounter

TMS Faculty | Craig Murphy

Craig Murphy

TMS Faculty | Iain O'Neill

Iain O'Neill

TMS Faculty | Dr Rachel Smart

Dr Rachel Smart

TMS Faculty | Mike Stone

Mike Stone

TMS Faculty | David Stringer

David Stringer

TMS Faculty | David Taylor

David Taylor

TMS Faculty | Krys Wareing

Krys Wareing

TMS Faculty | Professor Barry Warrington

Professor Barry Warrington

TMS Faculty | Dr. Jon White

Dr. Jon White

TMS Faculty | Greg Whitear

Greg Whitear

TMS Faculty | David Buckle

David Buckle

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