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Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

1 - The Client is the most important person in our business. We attach a great deal of importance to customer care. To provide you with top quality service, we strongly advise that your employees should keep to the training schedule booked. 

2 - Clients must ensure that they register their nominees for the course dates of their choice. The Management reserves the right to decide on the date of a chosen course. 

3 - We will highly appreciate it if the nominees are advised to attend the course on the date advised by the Management School London, as “NO SHOW” on agreed date has cost implication for the School. If a course participant fails to turn up on the date he or she is advised, a 10% charge will be incurred for rebooking. The only exception is VISA refusal for such employee by the Embassy or High Commissioner. In such a situation, the rejection letter from the Embassy must be attached. 

4 - If a client cancels his or her booking for a course two months or more before course starting date, the client will be refunded the fee paid in full. 

5 - If cancellation is received 7 weeks before course starting date, a cancellation fee of 10% is charged from the fee paid. 

6 - If cancellation is received 5 weeks before course starting date, fee paid will be refunded less 25% cancellation fee. 

7 - If cancellation is received 3 weeks before course starting date, 50% cancellation is charged from fee paid. 

8 - If cancellation is 2 weeks before course starting date no refund is made. 

9 -The cancellation fees are intended to cover part of the expenses incurred by the school before the course starting date. 

10 - Finally it is worth noting that visa support letters can only be issued to Clients on receipt of full payment. 

It is therefore advisable that Clients start processing their visas well in advance to avoid delay.

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