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International Strategic Public Relations Programme (DUBAI)

Course Dates

Mon 7th December 15 - Fri 11th December 15

Course Venues

Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

International and Global Public Relations Management Today
Public relations in the global economy
Economic, political, legal, social and technological environments
International public relations practice development
Strategic planning-global thinking-v-national implementation
Language, culture, social and economic factors
Creating and managing common standards

Corporate Strategy and Public Relations
Corporate planning, strategy and tactics
Public relations practice and strategic management
Managing change
Corporate image and culture

Strategic Public Relations Management and Planning
Public relations planning, implementation and evaluation
Short, medium and long term planning
Managing and developing the-public relations team
Creativity public relations

Managing the Media
Media relations and technology
Press conferences, facility visits and receptions
Electronic and broadcast media
Audio visual production, films and visual aids

Research and Evaluation
The place of research in public relations
Public relations research techniques
Modern methods of media evaluation
Public opinion and investigation

Integrated Marketing Communications
Role of public relations in marketing
Protecting and promoting brands
Exploiting exhibitions and trade fairs
Conferences and meetings
Making the most of Sponsorship investment

Employee Relations and Internal Communications
Employee relations
Internal communications
House journals (internal & external)

Community Relations
Corporate philanthropy
Community relations policy and strategy
Corporate social responsibility

Financial Public Relations
Public relations in corporate fund raising
Financial/ investor relations
Reporting to shareholders and stakeholders

Government Relations and Public Affairs
Public affairs strategy
Issues and crisis management
National and international lobbying
NGOs and pressure groups
Writing for public relations, news release, feature articles, speeches and presentation scripts, broadcast and electronic media 



 Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Dubai, UAE





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