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Advanced Management Skills Programme (DUBAI)

Course Dates

Mon 7th December 15 - Fri 11th December 15

Course Venues

Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Strategic management and corporate planning
The Nature of Corporate Policy and Corporate Strategic Planning
Strategy options and choices
Modules of strategic management
Key concepts in employee resourcing
Strategic management in practice

Personal and professional development
Continues professional development (CPD)
Lifelong learning
Learning and development
Personal Development planning

Operations Management
Re-thinking manufacturing and processing techniques
Production strategies and systems
Effective production control and scheduling
IT and production control

Models and theories of leadership
Manager as a leader
Assuming leadership
Dealing with conflict
Politics and power
Leading for results
Effective decision making

Profit and cash flow statement
Working capital
Changing face of accounting
Ratio analysis
Financial strategies

Managing change
Models and theories of Change Management
Introduction to change
Strategies for managing change
Business re-structuring, re-engineering, and rationalization

Human Resource Planning Strategies
Analysis of Human Resource planning
The Human Resource planning process
Factors that impact on the Human Resource planning process

Customer needs and customer satisfaction
Target marketing
Research and product development
Marketing and financial control
Latest marketing techniques

Total Quality Management
The development of TQM and Strategic Quality management
Concept, principles and purpose
Optional frameworks
Continuous improvement
Quality Audit and Assessment
Changing organisational culture

Purchasing and Supply chain Management
Effective purchasing procedures
Organisational buying behaviour
Decision making units
Requisitioning through to supplier sourcing
Just in Time manufacturing
Materials management

E-business and E-commerce
Risk analysis
Economic globalisation
The development of legal and financial frameworks
Future trends

Reputation Management
Media and business relations
Public Relations as a top management function
Tools of media relations
Rules and convections of media and business interaction
Managing of Business Stakeholders
Planning and implementing media campaign
Managing crisis


Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Dubai, UAE  

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