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International Senior Secretaries & Directors’ Personal Assistants’ Programme

Course Dates

Mon 9th February 15 - Fri 13th February 15

Mon 11th May 15 - Fri 15th May 15

Mon 21st September 15 - Fri 25th September 15

Mon 16th November 15 - Fri 20th November 15

Course Venues

The Management School London Training Centre

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Secretarial Skills:

The secretary's & PA's role and functions
Supervisory functions, delegation of duties and decision making
Business communication - oral, written, visual & efficient audio dictation
Telephone selling and telemarketing
Meetings, conferences, report writing and business letter writing
Public speaking and efficient audio dictation
Security in the work place

New approaches to office administration
Principles and practice of office administration
Office administration and management

Office automation, Information Technology
Application of information technology in secretarial function
Introduction to desktop publishing systems, database management and spreadsheets
The executive secretary and internet
Hardware and software systems for the office of the future

People at work
Managing conflict and stress at work
Organisation of people at work and new trends in the office management
Interpersonal relations

Introduction to management
Total quality management for executive secretaries
Principle and practice of management
Personal effectiveness, choosing you own management style
Managing people & interpersonal relations
Development and appraisal of internal and external communications
Public Relations for secretaries
Managing customers: the essential of marketing
Managing finance: finance planning, keeping records
Managing information: organising files, budgets and promotional materials











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