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Financial Management Programme

Course Dates

Mon 16th March 15 - Fri 20th March 15

Mon 8th June 15 - Fri 12th June 15

Mon 16th November 15 - Fri 20th November 15

Course Venues

The Management School London Training Centre

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Who this programme is for: This programme is designed for senior managers from non-financial backgrounds who increasingly need to use financial information to appraise performance and make decisions. 

The programme is suitable for senior managers with little or no prior financial knowledge, as well as those looking for a refresher. Participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including technical, operations, marketing and general management.    


Economic Environment
Economic & organisational competitive analysis and report
Assessment of impact on results, earning & cash flow
Organisational Financial Analysis and Financial Reports
Roles of financial statement
Analysis of the annual report and accounts
Business operation & financial analysis
Annual reports & cash flow

Capital Expenditure Analysis
Discounted cash flow technique
Assessing cost of capital
Evaluating capital expenditure proposal

Financial Forecasting & Analysis
Assessing and projecting the financial needs of the organisation
Organisational growth and financial needs
External economic variables such as foreign exchange

Interest Rates
Interim result statement

Evaluating quality of earnings
Assessing the adequacy of generated cash

Capital Structure and Funding
Sourcing of capital & organisation’s financial structure
External environment and corporate strategy

International Finance
Globalisation & International Finance

Financial Risk Management
Foreign Exchange Management

Budgeting & Budgetary Control
Roles of operating budget
Types of Budgets
The process of deriving budget content – Budgetary system
Preparing, monitoring & comparing actual & Budget performance
The use of Budget
Problem in Budgeting and Budgetary controls
Analysis of variance from Budget & how to calculate breakeven
Behavioural aspects of Budgeting

Analysis & Valuation
Credit analysis & decision-making
Determining financial needs & timing
Types of financing
Analysis and use of distress forecast.
Restructuring & rationalisation
Mergers & Acquisition
Privatisation & Commercialisation
Evaluation of organisation & their financial performance

Performance Measurement
Establishment of standard and interpretation of performance
Assessing performance measurement system
Corporate strategy & measurement system

Strategic Management for Financial Executives
Strategic & operational management
Corporate planning
Planning & organising work
Managing change
Time management
Leadership & motivation

Advanced Auditing Skills
Internal & External Auditing Skills
Computer Accounting & Auditing
Project Auditing 

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