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Advanced Management Programme (USA)

Course Dates

Mon 19th October 15 - Fri 23rd October 15

Course Venues

USG (Universities at Shady Grove) - Maryland, USA

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Course objectives

The objectives of the course are:

• To review, update and discuss the application of modern and cutting edge developments in management studies

• To give participants updates in the management of Human & Material Resources in Government

• To enhance Strategic & Tactical Skills of Executives

• To develop strategies for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at a personal and professional level

• To assess new thinking in the field of Leadership Studies and to apply them to self

• To identify key aspects of Managing Change

• To recognise the development of proper Marketing  strategies


Benefits of the course

Managers, Senior civil servants, legislators and government officials at local, state and national level will benefit from the course by:

• Giving participants a wider knowledge and understanding of the latest practice and thinking in management studies

• Helping senior executives and officials to develop professionally

• Exposing senior executives and officials to an International forum

• Developing and sharpening the skills of Senior Managers, Civil Servants and Government Officials in key strategic and operational perspectives

• Assist Senior Managers and Officials to manage  projects effectively

• Assist in the development of good corporate governance

 • Assist in dealing with the media


Who should attend?

The programme is designed for the following

• Head of Departments in the Private Sector

• Senior Managers

• Senior Officials of Government Parastatals, Directors, General Managers, Deputy & General Managers' Assistants

• Senior Civil Servants

• Government Officials

• Legislators


Course contents

The course will encompass aspects of:

1. The Functions and Environment of organisations

• Economic environment

• Business environment

• Social environment

• Political environment

• Technological environment

• Legal environment

• Empowering government

• Provision of essential services

• Community leadership

• Good governance

• International relations

• Law and order issues


2. Strategic Management and Corporate Planning

• Policy planning and implementation

• Strategy options and choices

• Implementation of Strategy

• Models of Strategic Management

• Strategic Management in practice


3. Project Management

• Team building

• Performance Management

• Project planning

• Project control techniques

• Problem identification and analysis

• Post-audit and evaluation


4. Personal and Professional Development

• Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

• Lifelong learning

• Learning and Development

• Personal Development Planning


5. Procurement Management

• Developing procurement policy

• Co-operative procurement  strategy

• Contract arrangement and working with service providers

• Ethics and transparency in purchasing and supply chain management


6. Human Resource Planning Strategies

• Analysis of Human Resource planning

• The Human Resource planning process

• Factors that impact on the Human Resource planning process


7. Managing Government Reputation.

• Public Relations

• Media management

• Tools of media relations

• Rules and conventions of the media

• Communicating with Government Stakeholders

• Planning and implementing Public Relations campaigns

• Managing crisis


8. Financial Management for Government

• Financial Management

• Funds generation and financial strategy

• Appreciation and use of financial statements

• Budgeting and budgetary control

• Cash flow statements

• Working capital

• The changing face of accounting

• Application of ratio analysis

• Audit and control


9. Leadership

• What is leadership?

• Models and theories of leadership

• Manager as a Leader

• Assuming leadership

• Dealing with conflict

• Politics and power

• Leading for results

• Effective decision making


10. Managing Change

• Models and theories of Change Management

• Introducing change

• Strategies for managing change

• Business restructuring, re-engineering and rationalisation


11. Total Quality Management

• The development of Total Quality Management and Strategic Quality Management

• Concepts and Principles

• Optional Frameworks

• The Purpose of TQM

• Continuous Improvement

• Quality Audits and Assessment

• Changing Organisational Culture



The methodology of the two weeks learning event will consist of:

• Presentations by academic staff, Head of Departments in the Private Sector, Senior Managers

• Presentations by practitioners involved in Government

• Workshop activity

• Case study development

• Debate and discussion

• Site visits

The course will adopt a thematic approach in which the first week is dedicated to general themes in Management followed by a second week looking at specific issues facing today’s politicians, civil servants and government officials.


Course Fee: The Course fee is £5,000 ( five thousand pounds sterling ) per delegate.

Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London



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