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Course Dates

Mon 23rd March 15 - Fri 27th March 15

Course Venues

The Management School London

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

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Course Benefits:

The London HR Management Summer School is designed for HR executives who wish to fast track, upgrade and update their HR skills with the latest HR thinking and best practice. The programme provides the opportunity for HR executives from around the globe to network and discuss latest HR issues and practices.

Emphasis at the programme will be professionalism in HR Executives and how to gain board support and commitment. The programme will lay emphasis on strategic HR thinking and tactical practice. The participants will discuss how to link HR planning to organizational plan. Participants’ negotiation skills for a win-win outcome will be discussed. Other topics to be treated at the programme will include action centred leadership, competency based approached to learning and development, the delivery of high performance, team building and team working, internal communication, crisis and conflict management.


Who should attend?

·         Executives currently working in the personnel or HR departments in the private and public sectors;

·         Director generals and permanent secretaries;

·         Personnel directors, deputy directors and assistant directors;

·         Personnel managers and personnel management executives;

·         Industrial relations manager;

·         Manpower development managers;

·         Training managers

·         Administration managers;

·         All managers responsible for personnel matters;


Course content:


Professionalism in HR practice and management

·         Professionalism ain HR management

·         Value added HR practice

·         Boards HR expectation and how to gain board support and commitment for HR

·         HR professional as strategic performer


Strategic and tactical thinking and HR planning

·         Strategic and tactical thinking

·         Strategic HR planning

·         Linking HR plan with organizational plan


Career planning and management succession

·         Career management policies and processes

·         Demand and supply forecast

·         Success planning, recruitment, career planning and succession planning


Talent management and talent retention

·         Organizations talent needs and value

·         Analysis of talent demand and talents within the organization

·         How to become organization of choice

·         Growing and retaining talent


Strategic action centred leadership

·         Managers and leaders

·         Strategic strands for different leadership capability

·         Developing leaders of the future

·         Action centred leadership

·         Team building and tem working


Competency based approach to learning and development

·         Organizational direction

·         Types of competencies

·         The future of the organization and its critical success factor

·         The required core competencies

·         Learning and development and core competency

·         The competency profile


Performance management: Enhancing the delivery of High organization performance

·         Building a high performance organization

·         Drive organizational performance through culture

·         Balanced scorecard

·         Monitoring and evaluating performance


Driving and managing organizational change

·         Hr as a driver of organizational change and transformation

·         Measuring organizational development and managing its implementation


How the Human brain works and its impact on leadership, employee motivation and performance

·         The Human brain and effective leadership

·         The human brain, motivation and performance management;


HR is a commercial function

·         Using analytics to demonstrate the commercial functions of HR

·         Show ROI and HR function


Internal communication and employee engagement

·         HR role and organizational values and culture

·         Being a fair employer


HR roles in enterprise risk management

·         Enterprise-wide risk management

·         HR as a manager of risk

·         Managing high risk employees through whistle blowing

·         Managing reputation risk

·         Issues and crisis management


Negotiation for win-win result

·         Negotiation planning and implementation


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