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Marketing Management Congress

Course Dates

Mon 20th July 15 - Fri 24th July 15

Course Venues

The Management School London

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

20-24th July

Marketing Management Congress


Course Objectives

The aim of the marketing congress is to provid3e senior marketing management with a valuable, highly quality experience in their professional development.


Who should attend?

The congress is designed for:

·         Marketing directors

·         Marketing managers

·         Product managers

·         Sales directors

·         Research managers

·         Business development managers

·         Advertising managers

·         Marketing communication managers and senior executives involved in marketing


Congress Content:

“How to develop a world class marketing strategy to achieve profitable growth” I, II, and III             

·         Pricing and profitability

·         Strategies and tactics versus forecasting and budgeting

·         Challenges and how excellent companies respond

·         The need for a marketing strategy

·         Risk and return

·         Where to start

·         The component of a strategic marketing plan

·         Market segmentation in consumer and B2b markets and the associated market research

·         SWOT’s and competitive intelligence

·         Setting marketing objectives and strategies

·         Measuring marketing effectiveness

·         Case study to integrate the learning

·         Summary and action plans


Integrated Branding Positioning, brand strategy and metrics

·         Branding strategy

·         Brand management process

·         Identifying key issues factors

·         Brand positioning

·         Brand revitalization

·         Dead brands

·         Brand targeting and positioning in marketing

·         The customer focused ethos in marketing

·         Target marketing and marketing mix

·         Brand metrics

Integrated marketing communication

·         Ethics of marketing communication

·         Buyer information process

·         Buyers decision making process

·         Channel network and stake holders analysis

·         Environmental context

·         Target marketing

·         Budget and financial resources

·         Advertising strategy

·         Messages

·         Media planning evaluation

·         Sales promotion strategy

·         Sponsorship

·         Personal selling strategy

·         Integrated communication strategy


Marketing innovation & Creativity

·         Understand the factors that can lead to success or failure of marketing innovation and creativity

·         Examine practical innovation in marketing

·         Develop action for innovation effectiveness and improvement

·         Construct innovation strategy


Strategic marketing plan and implementation

·         Assessment of marketing roles on the organisation

·         Assessment of customer needs and focus

·         Marketing audit and marketing strategies

·         Translate marketing strategy into goals and objectives

·         Design plan to fill gaps in organisational capability

·         Develop market mix

·         Marketing plan as a monitoring and evaluation tool

·         Design plan to win the support of stakeholders

·         Design performance management system to ensure that things get done


Digital Marketing and Social Marketing

·         Update skills in digital marketing

·         Plan and deliver effective digital marketing campaign

·         Construct digital marketing strategies and leverage same to organisational objectives


Marketing on a shoestring budget

·         Getting the most of marketing impact for a small budget optimizing marketing investment in a credit crunch

The Customer Value propositions and customer care

·         Evaluation of the customer proposition in marketing

·         Principles of developing customers propositions

·         Working with other departments to deliver customer proposition

·         Ensuring consistent delivery

·         Evaluation and measurement of effectiveness of customer proposition

·         Customer care strategy


Product development strategy

·         Strategy for developing new  product

·         How to avoid product failure

·         Innovation in product development

·         Marketing risk and innovation

·         Case study/exercise


Sales Management and advanced selling skills

·         Get sales objectives for the team and each member

·         Sales strategy and sales plan

·         Boost team performance through sales meeting

·         Keep top performer motivated

·         Forecast sales accuracy

·         Determine the activity required to achieve sales objectives and plan

·         Professional sales management in practice 

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