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Ports and Maritime Management Programme

Course Dates

Mon 17th August 15 - Fri 21st August 15

Course Venues

The Management School London

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content


The Ports and Maritime Management Congress has been designed by The British Ports Association and The Management School London to fast track and update the skills of Ports Managers and Executives, Maritime officials, Ministry of Transport officials & Shippers on current thinking and development including Regulations in the Maritime Ports management. The Congress will focus attention on issues impacting on Ports Regulation and Administration, sustainable maritime industry

development to achieve the millennium goals, Ports Regulations and best practice in Ports Management, shipping policies, Ports & Maritime security & safety, Public & Private sector partnership in Ports & Maritime Administration, Ports & Maritime Directors Roles and corporate Governance, environmental management and protection in the maritime industry, Reputation Risk management, Issues & Crisis management.


Congress Objectives:

The Congress has been designed to review these challenges and it will provide the opportunity to network with peers to share experience and discuss solutions.


At the end of the congress, participants will:


  • Fast track and update skills on current thinking and development in the Ports management and Maritime administration
  • Update themselves on international and national laws and regulations that impact on Maritime industry
  • Review the current challenges of the shipping industry and the way Forward
  • Discuss best practice in Port management containing Port terminal Management
  • Review maritime and ports safety and security
  • Examine maritime environmental management
  • Discuss efficient management of cargo through port and vessel traffic
  • Review strategy for managing container fleet and terminal efficiently


Who should attend?


  • All officials and executives in the Maritime Industry
  • All senior, middle level and junior Ports managers
  • All officials of the Ministry of Transport
  • Officials of the shipping council
  • Customs and Excise officials
  • House committee on Maritime Transport and Seafarers
  • Senate Committee Maritime Transport
  • Senate and Parliamentary Committee members on Environment
  • Senate and House Committees on Navy
  • Parliamentary Committee on Water Resources

Course contents:


  • Sustainable Maritime Industry Development & The Challenges of the Millennium Goals
  • Ports Regulatory Frame work and Best Practice in Ports Administration
  • Latest shipping policies for enhancing international trade, industrial growth, world energy supply and raw material
  • Global Best practice in Maritime Administration
  • Towards a sustainable Ports and Maritime Security & Safety
  • Public /Private Partnership in Ports Administration & Management
  • Strategic Thinking & Strategic Direction
  • Directors in the Maritime Industry: Roles, Responsibilities & Liabilities
  • Sustainable capacity building in the Maritime industry: the sea fares development initiative
  • Corporate Governance & Corporate Culture
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • Protecting the Maritime and Ports Environment and making them safe, clean and accessible
  • Trans-national investment in Ports and maritime development
  • Procurement and Supply Chain in the Ports and Maritime Industry
  • Reputation Risk Management, Ports Marketing, Issues and Crisis
  • Management

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