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International Public Diplomacy Management

Course Dates

Mon 7th December 15 - Fri 11th December 15

Course Venues

The Management School London

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Congress Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the congress participants will:-

  • Discuss value added strategic Public Diplomacy in a changing world
  • Review how to enhance countries economic growth and trade through economic diplomacy
  • Help diplomats to enhance their countries reputation
  • Discuss the roles of research and evaluation in Public Diplomacy Management
  • Learn how to identify, engage and communicate with diplomatic stakeholders
  • Discuss strategies for enhancing country’s branding and reputation
  • Update skills for managing traditional and social media for effective performance of diplomatic responsibilities
  • Discuss action centred leadership in media management
  • Review diplomatic management of issues and crisis management
  • Update skills in country marketing and country branding

Who should attend?  

  • The programme is designed for officials of the ministry of foreign affairs world- wide
  • Members of the diplomatic corporation world –wide
  • Officials of embassies world – wide
  • Parliamentarians with oversight functions for foreign affairs

Congress Contents

  • Strategic Management of Public Diplomacy in a Changing World
  • Strategic Management of Value Added Public Diplomacy in a Changing World
  • Enhancing Economic Growth and Trade with Economic Diplomacy           
  • International Public Relations
  • Corporate Diplomacy             
  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Direction
  • Media Interview for Diplomats
  • Strategic Planning
  • Decision Making For Diplomatic Officials       
  • Country Reputation Management and Diplomatic Public Relations Best Practice  
  • How to Identify Engage and Communicate With Diplomatic Stakeholders
  • Country Branding
  • Effective Management of Traditional and Social Media in Diplomatic Work
  • Action Centred Leadership for Diplomats
  • Issues Management for Diplomats
  • Effective Management of Crisis
  • Country Marketing








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