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International High-Tech Executive Secretaries Course

Course Dates

Mon 9th February 15 - Fri 13th February 15

Mon 11th May 15 - Fri 15th May 15

Mon 21st September 15 - Fri 25th September 15

Mon 16th November 15 - Fri 20th November 15

Course Venues

The Management School London Training Centre

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Course Fee: One week - £2950, Two weeks - £4000

This intensive specialised course will help Secretaries in their individual performance to the mutual benefit of participants and employers. The course provides participants with the experience and information to help them perform their duties more confidently and more effectively. Practical activities using case studies, group work, oral presentations and hands on computer sessions – allow development of existing skills to enhance future performance.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the application of high-tech, high touch and on-line functions of the executive secretaries.
  • Be exposed to international executive secretaries practice.
  • Appreciate the wide administrative roles of the personal assistant or secretary in an organisation.
  • Understand the functions of management and the role of the management team.
  • Recognize the importance of communication and improve th3eir own communication skills.
  • Appraise their own performance and that of their subordinates.
  • Appreciate the capabilities of modern Information Technology & learn to keep abreast pf the changing technology in Information Management.
  • Discuss the impact of the electronic office

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Chief Secretaries, Senior Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries.

Course Content:

Information Technology

  • Advanced application of Information Technology to Secretarial Duties
  • Advanced Word Processing and Desktop Publishing
  • E-mail , Internet
  • Networks (LAN and WANS)
  • Managing data – accuracy, import and export back up
  • Faxes from your computer

Advanced Executive Secretarial Skills:

  • The roles of high – tech executive secretaries
  • Target setting and executive secretarial functions
  • Administrative & supervisory functions for top secretaries
  • Time management for executive secretaries
  • Maintaining diaries and schedules
  • Running meetings and conferences
  • Storing and managing information
  • Researching, locating and selecting the information that is needed
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Managing the boss  

Computer Appreciation 1:

  • Operating system
  • Types of operating system
  • Mode of operations
  • External commands
  • MS-Dos

Introduction to Management:

  • Appreciating management practice
  • Management style and secretarial support
  • Interface with the customer – essentials of marketing, customer satisfaction, customer relations and public relations
  • The operating environment and the executive secretary
  • Total quality management for secretary

Computer Appreciation 2:

  • What is information technology?
  • Information technology controls
  • Understanding Networks
  • The Internet
  • Security issues in Internet Business

Communication Skills for Executive Secretaries

  • Business communication – oral, written and visual
  • Note taking and report writing
  • Public speaking dealing with people
  • Telephone selling & marketing
  • Maintaining diaries and schedules
  • Managing conflict

The Supervisory Functions:

  • The roles of the management team
  • Supervisory functions, organising meeting and conferences
  • Delegation of duties
  • Reception of visitors
  • Interviewing technique
  • Reports


  • Book – Keeping and Accounts
  • Appreciation of Balance Sheet
  • Appreciation of Banking and Finance


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