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Strategic Direction and Leadership Programme

Course Dates

Mon 19th October 15 - Fri 23rd October 15

Course Venues

USG (Universities at Shady Grove) - Maryland, USA

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

Programme Objectives:

At the end of the programme, Chairmen, Chief Executives, Directors and Board Secretaries will:

  • Be well groomed on Board's roles and responsibilities, organizational strategic direction and leadership
  • Minimize roles conflict by discussing the roles of the Chairman.
  • Chief Executive, Executive Directors, non Executive Directors and Board Secretaries.
  • Enhance Strategic thinking and examine Strategic direction, collective Strategic development and inter-organisational strategic Direction.
  • Examine corporate planning and inter-organisational strategic Planning.
  • Discuss the Board issues including Board performance management and Board appraisal. Examine Board strategic leadership and ethical Board approach to Leadership.
  • Examine Board communication strategies to enhance employee Commitment.
  • Discuss corporate reputation management, enterprise risk management and issues and crisis management.
  • Discuss budgeting and budgetary control and board's responsibilities for evaluating proposals and tenders brought before the Board
  • Enhance marketing and human resource management skills of the Board


Who should attend?

  • This programme is designed for:
  • Board Chairmen, the Chief Executive Officers, Board of Directors of Companies.
  • Board of Directors of Government Institutions and parastaltals.
  • Board Chairmen, Board Chairmen, Chief Executive officers and Directors of Central Banks, Banks and financial institutions
  • Board Secretaries
  • Senior Management being groomed for positions to the Board.


Course Contents:

Directors Roles & Responsibilities

  • Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Board Composition
  • Roles of the Chairman
  • Roles of managing Directors
  • Appointment and Removal of MD
  • Roles of Executive and non Executive Directors
  • Role and Tasks of Finance directors
  • The Roles of the Company Secretary


The Effective Board

  • Directors knowledge, skills and attributes
  • Directors competencies for effectiveness
  • Board politics
  • Boardroom qualities
  • Board team work
  • Board decision making skills


Board Strategic Leadership

  • Personal Development as a Strategic Leader
  • Ethical based approach to Leadership
  • Strategic leadership style
  • Team building and team working
  • Managing conflicts
  • Board politics and power
  • Leading the system
  • Leading for result


Board Strategic Thinking and Strategic Direction

  • Inter-organisational Strategic Direction
  • Board visioning
  • Corporate vision, mission, goal, objective and value


Strategic options and Strategy implementation

  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic option
  • Strategic culture
  • Collective strategic development
  • Board strategy at the main Board and business unit
  • Functional strategy
  • Strategy for growth and strategy for recovery
  • Operational management
  • Exercise and hands on practical work


Corporate Planning and Strategic Direction for Directors

  • Types of planning
  • Corporate strategy
  • Inter-organisational strategic direction and planning
  • Preparation of business plan


The Board and Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Governance as a business strategy
  • Board Ethics
  • Corporate Governance Culture
  • Implementation of Corporate Governance Code
  • Case studies of bad Corporate Governance


Board Relationship and Board Performance Management Appraisal ·

  • Board relationship and Board Team Building
  • Board Performance Appraisal


Topic: Board Corporate Policy

  • Board roles in Policy formulation
  • Roles of Policy
  • Types of Policies
  • Policy processes, Policy implementation and monitoring


 The Board and Change Management

  • The Board and organizational development
  • Change management strategy
  • Change implementation
  • Change communication


Communication Skills for the Board

  • Communication strategies to support employee commitment and
  • Trust
  • Evaluation of the impact of Directors communication in leading the team in the achievement of objectives
  • Minimize Board and organizational conflicts


 Managing Corporate Reputation

  • Corporate Public Relations Policy
  • Corporate brand management
  • Managing corporate Public Relations and reputation management
  • Reputation, Risk and the Board's roles
  • Issues and Crisis management


The Marketing Directors Responsibilities

  • Strategic Marketing Practice
  • The roles of the Board in driving organizational marketing


Finance for the Board

  • Interpretation of financial statement and accounts
  • Discuss budgeting and budgetary control taking into account
  • financial constraints
  • Evaluate financial proposal for expenditure submitted to the Board
  • Discuss content of tender


The Board and Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Management Policy
  • The roles of the Human Resource Director


The Board and Risk Management

  • Enterprise wide Risk
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk policy
  • Corporate reference and implementation

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