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International Public Relations Master - Class

Course Dates

Mon 9th November 15 - Fri 13th November 15

Course Venues

The Management School London

Course Fee

(Cheque should be made payable to The Management School London)

Course Content

The  programme  will  provide  Public  Relations  Managers  with  a comprehensive Strategic Management Skills necessary for the added value  delivery  of  corporate  and   Government  Public  Relations programme. The congress is a world-class programme designed to assist Public   Relations Managers and Executives to translate organisational strategy into effective performance. The congress will focus on the Power of Public Relations and Strategic Communication and the requirements of implementing organisational strategy

Programme Objectives:

At the end of the International Public Relations Master - Class, participants will:

  • Update skills at the world-class annual IPRA International Public Relations Congress
  • Examine and analyse the Power of Public Relations and Communication and Strategy for effective value added Delivery
  • Enhance strategic Public Relations & Communication skills and think about their organisation outside the constrains of   day to day work
  • Learn strategic and tactical planning of Public Relations and value added delivery
  • Discuss how to enhance and deliver Government Public Relations and Communication programme
  • Enhance skills in communication leadership and how to develop self as a strategic leader.
  • Discuss best practice in crisis communication and how to maintain trust and confidence when things go wrong.
  • Examine strategy for keeping employees well informed, empowered and engaged
  • Enhance on line Public Relations skills in digital communication and media management strategy
  • Understand how the Human Brain works and its communication perspective


Who should attend?

  • Director, Services
  • Directors of Public Relations
  • Permanent Secretaries in charge of Information Department
  • Directors of Public Affairs
  • House & Senate Committee Chairmen & members on media & Information
  • General Manager, Media Affairs
  • General Manager, Government Relations
  • Chief Press Secretaries
  • Special Advisers on Media
  • Managing Directors and Directors
  • General Managers, Public Relations
  • Officials of the National Orientation Agencies in Africa
  • Commissioners of Information
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Communication managers & advisers
  • Directors of information in Government
  • Deputy and Assistant Directors responsible for information communication and media
  • Chief Press Secretaries to Governors, Ministers & Government organisation
  • Media Directors
  • Media Managers
  • Community Relations Executives

Course Content:

  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Direction
  • Strategic & Operational Management and Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Planning I    
  • Practicals in Strategic Planning II
  • Strategic PR Planning
  • The Research Stage In Public Relations Planning 
  • The Situation Analysis: SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • Analysis Of The PR Problems Planning Stage
  • Public Relations Policy
  • Crafting Public Relations Objectives: Need For SMART Objectives
  • Analysis Of Target Audience Their Perception And Expectation
  • Communication Strategy & PR Actions
  • Public Relations Budget: Breakdown Of Budget And Control
  • Evaluation Of PR Results And Feedback Analysis
  • Practical Public Relations Planning
  • International Public RelationsPractice
  • Public Diplomacy & Strategic Public RelationsPractice
  • Issues & Crisis Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Relations 
  • Strategic Media Relations Management And Social Media In Public Relations Practice
  • Parliamentary Public Relations & Lobbying
  • Internal Communication Strategy
  • Managing Media Interview
  • Action Centre Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership & Communication

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